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  • A performance appraisal system can help you determine which employees are ready for the next level and which ones need more support to get there. Use a performance appraisal system to assess their potential and find the best fit for them in your organization.

Purpose of Performance Appraisal

The purpose of Performance Appraisal is to determine an employee’s worth to the organization. It is a continuous process and made at regular intervals. The purposes of performance appraisal fall in two categories:

  • 1
    Administrative purpose
  • 2
    Self-improvement purpose

Administrative purpose

  • In an organisation, it may be necessary to consider various types of personnel actions such as transfers, lay offs, demotions, and discharges.

    In some cases, such actions are called for because of unsatisfactory performance while in other cases it may be called for due to economic conditions over which the organisation has no control because of changes in production process.

    Such actions can be justified if they are based on performance appraisal.

  • In some cases, the wage increases are based on the performance appraisal reports.

    In some cases, appraisals and seniority are used in combination.

  • An appropriate system of performance appraisal can be helpful in two ways. First, it can help in identifying the areas of skills or knowledge in which numerous employees are not up to par, thus pointing out general training deficiencies which presumably should be corrected by additional training, interviews, discussions, or counseling. Secondly, these appraisals help in spotting the potentials to train and develop them to create an inventory of executive skills.

    It can also provide the areas where the employee/executive could be further trained and positioned to meet retirement and expansion situations.

  • Performance appraisal helps in research in the field of personnel management. Various theories in human relationships are the outcome of efforts to find out the cause and effect relationship between the personnel and their performance.

    The following diagram would help us understand the basic purpose a good performance appraisal system would do to us.







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