Attendance, leave and payroll software online

Integrate online time attendance system with attendance machine and manage attendance as well as leave management system and official visits system to get punctuality and reduce absenteeism in your office. In case of missing In Time \ Out time use time adjustment system and manage late sitting / over time system for payroll system. Go anywhere and keep track of attendance activities with help of online time attendance system. Apply and approve leave online, get reports about time attendance, people on leave & official visit, find leave application status, check upcoming holidays and much more with online time attendance system

Features that best suits your needs


  • Employee Self Service
  • Clocking In and Out
  • Flexible Employee Scheduling
  • Absence Management
  • Payroll Integration
  • Compliance
  • Adjustment of Missed Punches
  • Comprehensive Policy Configuration
  • Any Biometric Machine Configurable
  • Reporting
  • Mobile access


  • Apply for leave online
  • Managers can approve leave
  • Check leave history
  • Email alerts on apply
  • Apply for late sitting/overtime
  • Approve Leave & late sitting/overtime
  • Email alerts on Approval
  • HR can make edit Leave Entitlement
  • Auto-Update Leave Balance
  • Apply Company Leave Policy
  • Mobile access


  • Employee Management System
  • Attendance Management System
  • Over Time Management System
  • Payroll Center Management System
  • Employees Leave System
  • Employee Allowances System
  • Report Generation System
  • Loan Term & Conditions
  • Mobile access

Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service(ESS) is a web portal for employees to record Time and Attendance, check work plans, request leaves & holidays, view payslips and so on. The employee self-service also allows managers to make attendance, leave, and holiday approvals for their employees

  • View Personal Attendance
  • Apply for Leaves and Official Visits
  • Apply for IN Time OUT Time Adjustment
  • Apply for Late Sitting and Over Time
  • View Time Summary, Day Deduction and Late Sitting Report
  • View leave records
  • View Leave Balance
  • View Pay Slip

Managerial Users

  • View Attendance Reports of Subordinate Employees
  • Apply for Leaves and Official Visits
  • Approve Leaves and Official Visits Applications
  • Approve IN OUT Adjustment and Late Sitting Applications
  • All other activities of employee login

Easy Administration

  • View Over All Company Attendance Report
  • View Over All Company Attendance Summary Report
  • View Over All leave, Official Visits etc. Reports.
  • Manage Employee Information
  • Manage Employee Application Rights, Employee Shifts
  • Manage gazetted holidays, shift creation
  • Manage All kind of setups

Attendance, Leave and Payroll Screen Shots

Leave management system

Implement online leave management to manage leaves, holidays and official visits of your employees. Approve leave and official visit applications straight from your email inbox. Track who is on leave and who is on official visit. Define different types of paid/unpaid leaves, official visits and holidays to get accurate reports like Individual employee leave reports and summary reports.

  • Reduce error rate and processing time
  • Enjoy transparency
  • Access accurate leave statuses
  • Access your personal leave history easily
  • Track leave trends
  • Avail of employee access to leave information
  • Achieve effortless adherence to leave policy

Payroll management system

Managing Payroll has been always a challenging and time consuming task. With online payroll management system integrated with time attendance system,you can manage your company payroll in a more efficient way.
Once the payroll is generated, every employee will be able to see their payslip,tax payable, insurances, provident fund, etc. This will ensure swift communication regarding payroll in the company.

  • Setup based allowances & deductions with payment frequency
  • Employee Self-Service (ESS) to view pay-slips and reports
  • Group wise/user wise payroll generation
  • Currency wise split payroll for a single employee
  • Graphical and tabular reports
  • Comprehensive security options
  • Salary structure setups and allowances & deduction setups
  • Employee wise master payroll
  • Monthly payroll, payslip, salary advice, tax statements, EOBI statements and provident fund
  • Loan Transaction, loan deduction, gratuity, expense claim & reimbursement