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Unleash Potential with HR World International's Training and Development Expertise! Harness the power of continuous learning with our stellar training and development programs. Cultivate a workforce that is agile, innovative, and ready to conquer any challenge that comes their way. Together, let's pave the path to excellence!

Unlock Your Potential with HR World International's Dynamic Professional Development Programs!

  • Are you ready to soar to new heights of success? Look no further! HR World International is your ultimate partner in growth and transformation. With a stellar Roster of over 120 experts and specialists across various fields, we are actively shaping the future of training.
  • From government agencies to private enterprises, our training experience knows no bounds. But that's not all - we offer a diverse array of consultancy services tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether it's conducting Training Needs Assessment (TNA), Headhunting & Recruitment, cutting-edge Research Studies and Marketing Surveys, Capacity Building, or Social Mobilization, we've got you covered.
  • When it comes to client satisfaction, we don't settle for anything less than excellence. Our project team is committed to delivering beyond your expectations, earning us a remarkable reputation across all sectors in an unbelievably short span of time. We proudly hold the title of Pakistan's fastest-growing consultancy firm.

Training Programs offered & served

Rank Name
1 HR World International 2001: A Tool kit for Managers
2 HR World International 2002: Managing Stress Effectively
3 HR World International 2003: Building & Managing Dynamic Teams
4 HR World International 2004: Managing Relations at Workplace
5 HR World International 2005: Mastering Presentation Skills
6 HR World International 2006: Making sales & customer Care a Habit
7 HR World International 2007: Managing Work-life Balance
8 HR World International 2008: Effective Writing Skills
9 HR World International 2009: Building Positive Attitude for Success
10 HR World International 2010: Training of Trainers
11 HR World International 2011: Creating a culture of Superior customer Services
12 HR World International 2012: The Power of Positive Attitude
13 HR World International 2013: Mastering Organizational Communication
14 HR World International 2014: Cross Gender Communication at Workplace
15 HR World International 2015: Leadership That Inspires
16 HR World International 2016: Time Management & Effective Delegation Skills
17 HR World International 2017: Developing Managerial Skills
18 HR World International 2018: Effective Business Writing Skills.
19 HR World International 2019: Supervisory skills
20 HR World International 2020: Developing Service culture
21 HR World International 2021: Leading and Managing Change
22 HR World International 2022: Customer Care a Habit
23 HR World International 2023: Working in Teams
24 HR World International 2024: Personal Grooming
25 HR World International 2025: Administrative Skills for Support Staff
26 HR World International 2026: Secretary in Training.
27 HR World International 2027: Administrative Skill
28 HR World International 2028: Office Decorum and Work Ethics
29 HR World International 2029: Motivating your own self & Building Positive Attitude
30 HR World International 2030: English for Beginners
31 HR World International 2031: Advanced English Course

Terms & Conditions

  • Matters related to training time and venue will be settled with mutual consent.
  • The trainers/consultants may add or deduct certain part of the training keeping in view the relevancy of the material, level and comprehension skills of the trainees.
  • HR World International, the training firm may use more trainers or trainers other than mentioned in the proposal for the successful accomplishment of the project.
  • A maximum of 05 to 30 participants can attend the training.
  • Training budget will be decided on the basis of traineeā€™s strength and nature of the training program required. 50% of the total training cost would be paid in advance.
  • Remaining 50% shall be payable immediately after program completion.
  • Other details of the training may be decided with mutual consent.

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Get ready to embark on a transformative journey with HR World International. Together, we'll pave the way for a future of boundless opportunities and endless success. Unleash your true potential - join us now!".

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Our project team is committed to delivering beyond your expectations, earning us a remarkable reputation across all sectors in an unbelievably short span of time..







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